Drugstore Beauty Products I Can’t Live Without

I am no stranger to dropping a pretty penny on skin care and beauty products. I could claim Sephora as my second home. Having said that, I am by no means a ‘high-end’ beauty snob. If I find a drugstore…

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Dusters + White Boots + Grounding

Every morning you will find me standing in a robe, barefoot on the grass, drinking my coffee in silence. My neighbors probably think I’ve lost my mind. No phone, and no electronics; just me, my cup of coffee, and the…


Striped Shirt Dresses For An Effortless Summer Look

I already have ‘bride brain’ and I haven’t even officially started planning my wedding.  I know planning a wedding is stressful but I wasn’t prepared for this. I can’t even make up my mind when it comes to what to…

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