Where to eat, play, and stay in MYKONOS

The F.O.M.O right now is SO REAL…. Summer travel is in full force, and as much as I love seeing all ofthe beautiful photos, a small part of me wants to deactivate my Instagram until September. Instead of taking such…

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What You Should Know About Collagen

Collagen: so trendy and soooo L.A.  But what is it and does it actually work?  If you’re interested in health and beauty, then chances are you’ve heard of collagen before. You may not know exactly what it is, or what it…

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Drugstore Beauty Products I Can’t Live Without

I am no stranger to dropping a pretty penny on skin care and beauty products. I could claim Sephora as my second home. Having said that, I am by no means a ‘high-end’ beauty snob. If I find a drugstore…

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Dusters + White Boots + Grounding

Every morning you will find me standing in a robe, barefoot on the grass, drinking my coffee in silence. My neighbors probably think I’ve lost my mind. No phone, and no electronics; just me, my cup of coffee, and the…


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