My 2017 Skin-Care Product Winners

2017 was definitely the year of good skin care products! I don’t know if it was good luck, or if my late night researching finally paid off, but all of my beauty purchases this year made it to the VIP shelf in my bathroom cabinet.

My skin has never been better, I finally have a solid skin care routine down, and I’m no longer whoring my skin out to endless amounts of products!

I’ll write a  detailed post about my complete skin care routine later; but for now, I want to talk about three products that I’ve been obsessing over for a good year now. No, I am not being sponsored to promote these, and yes, I have tested them out for a long enough time to say that they actually work! Here are my 2017 beauty product winners:

Peter Thomas Rothe CC Cream♥ 

I dedicated an entire post to this stuff so you know it’s good! If you haven’t read my post about this witchcraft in a bottle you can read about it here.  As you know, I’ve been using this stuff religiously for a year now. Just the other day,  I was getting my hair done and my hairstylist asked me why my face always looked so perfect without any makeup on. His exact words were, and I quote, “You’re not wearing any makeup and your face looks flawless, you bitch”.

Do you know why? Because of this AMAZING CC cream! It’s my secret weapon to flawless, dewey, and just downright fabulous skin. This cream gets all of the gold stars!

SK-II Facial Treatment

It’s true, I first encountered this stuff on Instagram when my feed was bombarded with bloggers promoting how amazing this product was. At first I was a little apprehensive; okay, I was VERY apprehensive. I’ve tried one too many products promoted by bloggers that received big fat Fs.

One day, while ——- at Sephora I walked by the SK-II product line. Well, to be more precise, the empty shelf of what would be SK-II products.  I asked quickly asked someone if they were getting more in and I was informed that they were, but usually they  were flying off  of the shelves because the stuff was ahhhh-mazing.  You don’t say?

 The next time I was at Sephora I got lucky and purchased the last bottle. I am now on bottle number three and I can definitely say that I am 100% hooked.

The SK-II Facial Treatment is made of 90% Pitera; which, if you’re like me, you have absolutely no clue what this is, but you know it sounds fancy and exotic, so it must be good. Pitera is a  bio-ingredient made up of 50 micronutrients, and is actually derived from a natural saké fermentation.

Saké? I knew there was a reason why I loved this product!

After using it for about three months, I can say that my face is clearer, my pores are smaller, my skin is soooo much softer, and my skin shines bright like a diamond (in a good way!).  It’s crazy that I can actually proudly say this → I am 30 years old, and I can confidently wear no makeup thanks to Saké! Ha!

Skin Better Regenerating AlphaRet Overnight Cream

I know how important Retinol and Retina is for staying youthful and fighting off wrinkles; but my skin seems to dislike any product with retinol in it. I ALWAYS end up with flakey and dry skin. I tried using Retinol products every other day and sometimes even every two or three days  but I would still end up a flakey mess. I tried different percentages but nothing seemed to work.

I was starting to get annoyed.

About a month ago my Botox Fairy Godmother told me about SkinBetter Science and in particular their overnight cream which has a combination of alpha hydroxy acid, Glycolic Acid, and Retinoid . Here’s the best part → I don’t know what they did, or how they did it, but they made it so you can use this product every night without getting irritation! I’m talking ZERO irritation but PLENTY of results!!!

I’ve only been using this night cream for a little over a month now and HOLY SHIT! Yes, it works so well that a capitalized HOLY SHIT is needed. You literally see results the morning after you use this cream!

I used to wake up with skin that looked like it had been on an all night bender → it was puffy, splotchy, dehydrated and just confused. Now, I wake up with dewey, soft, and even skin, even if I did have a rager the night before (kidding). I’m so impressed with this product; I can not wait to try their eye cream!

Now, please don’t go running off to your nearest Sephora because sadly, you won’t find it there. You can only buy  SkinBetter Science at professional Medspas. You can go online to to find out which medspa near you carries this line. Once you find one, I suggest hightailing it over there, and getting your hands on this product ASAP.  It is pretty pricey ($110 for 1 oz bottle), BUT it is so worth it! Sometimes when you find something this good, it’s okay to splurge. Your skin will thank you!

That rounds up my 2017 Hall of Fame beauty product winners! Please let me know about some of your 2017 beauty product discoveries!