Hi! My name is Olya. Nice to meet you!  As you may have already read (or maybe you haven’t), I was born in Moscow, Russia. I moved to Salt Lake City, Utah with my family when I was a cute, button nosed, blonde haired, four year old. My childhood mainly consisted of asking too many questions, bright pink jumpsuits, and a desire to learn more about the world. Fast forward to today and to my creative outlet… Dash of Chaos.

Dash of Chaos is dedicated to some of my favorite things: Travel, Fashion, Fitness, Beauty, and any other random discoveries that I stumble upon. It’s a creative hub where I can express myself, share my passions and discoveries (I am an avid Googler … I ask a million questions and Google e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g),  and in turn, evolve into a strong(er) female that is comfortable in her own skin; flaws and all.

I started Dash of Chaos because I wanted something more REAL. I am not a 21 year old fashion guru. I do not have a 25 inch waist. I have short legs, and certainly don’t have thick luscious hair (thanks Grandma). I can’t figure out how to pack a suitcase for the life of me. I still can’t master winged eyeliner and sometimes my outfits turn out very wrong. You know what? That’s okay. It’s a never ending journey of trial and error.

The purpose of my  [someone needs to really come up with a better name]  blog is to create a platform where I can help others, share tips and tricks, laugh at silly life mishaps, and document my worldly adventures along the way. In return, I hope to inspire others to try something new, travel to an exotic destination, or to finally invest in that pair of fabulous shoes.

Please don’t be shy. I would LOVE to hear about YOUR discoveries, travel stories, beauty tricks, and must-have designer duds. Send an email or leave a comment.  Let’s collaborate! This is –after all– a space designed and made for women in all walks of life.

Remember, things can get a little messy, but what is life without a Dash of Chaos.

A little about ME:

My teenage years consisted of eating Russian blinis, while simultaneously swooning over fashion magazines and planning out detailed itineraries for our family roadtrips. I also had a dog, who was my child.

I am, to this day, STILL obsessed with fashion, STILL have my head in the wanderlust clouds, and am a proud dog mom of a Doberman.

I’ve always found fashion fascinating. I dabbled in modeling when I was 17 but after a few fitness shoots, a couple sashays down the catwalk, and a magazine spread, I realized it was not for me. My love for fashion, however, never changed.

I would say I’m a happy medium between NYC Fashionista and Laid-back Cali Cool. You can find me rocking a casual crop-top hoody and lace up leggings one day , and a chic midi dress with Valentino’s the next.  In my early 20’s I pranced around in bandage dresses and form fitting –cut off your circulation– ensembles.  I’ve grown up, and my style has definitely evolved. I probably wont be featured in Vogue anytime soon (a girl can dream), but I can say that I’m becoming a bit more daring and fashion forward compared to my younger self. I have found myself experimenting with styles that maybe outside of my ‘white T and ripped denim‘ comfort zone.  Sometimes my creations are a direct hit and other times a VERY BIG FAIL. In the end, what is important is dressing for YOU and finding ways to make sure you always feel like the best version of yourself. Period.

I knew from an early age that travel was going to be a big part of my life.  My desire to travel may have stemmed from the fact that I moved across the world at the young age of four. Or maybeI was just born with a keen sense of wonder. Regardless of the reason, travel will always be a HUGE part of my life.

I don’t plan on putting my family in the spotlight very much; but I can’t write an ‘About Me’ page without taking a second to talk about the people near and dear to my heart. I have a wonderful and supportive fiancé who’s been my rock for the past 8 years. I’m obsessed with him. No, we are not married. We are taking our sweet time. Thank you. We’ve traveled the world together and have stood side by side tackling every curveball life has thrown at us.  I also have three -soon to be- stepchildren who are beyond incredible and smarter than most adults (Seriously). Lastly, I am a proud dog mom of a Dober(horse) named Niko. He is my fourth child and is spoiled rotten.

I hope you enjoy Dash of Chaos! Thanks for stopping by!!!