All Things Cabo (Part 2) – Where To Stay, Dine, and Go


I’m finally getting to Cabo Part 2 (you can find Cabo Part 1 here),  which is going to cover some of my favorite hotels, activities, restaurants, and nightlife found in Cabo San Lucas. Sit down and buckle up… there’s a lot of information!

Where to stay:

We spent the first half of our Cabo trip touring hotels and looking at wedding venues. I did hours and hours of research online so  it was nice to see some of Cabo’s most luxurious resorts in person. Cabo has tons of hotel options for any budget and style, but if you want the Crème de la crème of Cabo, I recommend staying at one of the following:

  1. The Cape, a Thompson Hotel. This is where we stayed and we loved every minute of it. You can read more about this hotel here.
  2. Esperanza Resort. Our wedding venue! I’ll be writing a lot about this resort in future posts, but one of the many reasons why I fell head over heals for this resort is the ‘wow factor’ that it brings. You’ll understand the second you step foot onto the hotel lobby. Now, can we please talk about the esthetic?!  It’s like a piece of Italy in Mexico. At least it reminds me of Italy… Gorgeous grey stone, olive trees, lantern lit paths… it’s seriously divine.
  3. Resort At Pedregal. There’s a reason why this hotel is rated number one on TripAdvisor. It’s old world Mexico meets five star luxury. The entrance into the resort will blow you mind. You literally drive THROUGH the mountain to get to the lobby.
  4. Chileno Bay Resort It’s new, it’s modern, and it’s fabulous. A true oasis on one of Cabo’s only swimmable beaches. I’ve heard that this is where most of the celebs stay because it’s so secluded…

When we weren’t meeting with our wedding planner we were relaxing by the pool, drinking rosé and working on our tans. Lazy was definitely our middle name and we were not mad about it. We did, however, set up a few different exertions and activities while we were there which included:

Water activities

We rented an amazing yacht with our friends and spent the day cruising the Cabo coastline.We charter through Luxury Yachts Cabo. I highly recommend this company if you’re looking to charter a boat. They were professional, fun (our crew had some killer dance moves!) and went above and beyond to make sure we were all having a good great time.

We swam, ate a lot of delicious food, and drank our weight in margaritas and Rosé, which obviously lead to a drunken dance party on the boat. Even our skipper joined in on the dancing. We ended our day on the back of the yacht watching the sun dip below the horizon.

There is nothing better than seeing the Cabo coastline from the water. 

There are plenty of water activities to choose from including: booze cruises, snorkel tours, whale watching, jet skis, paragliding, or even deep sea fishing.  Pick one that tickles your fancy and get out on that gorgeous water. Trust me… It will be the highlight of your trip.


Medano Beach

A trip to Cabo is not complete without a visit to the famous Medano Beach.  It’s busy, loud, but so fun! (Don’t come here if you’re planning on relaxing.) Medano beach is one of the few beaches in Cabo where you can actually swim in the ocean  (most beaches have very strong currents). Medano beach also gives you direct views of the famous Cabo arch. Be aware.  There are TONS of beach vendors so be prepared to say ‘no’ every 3 seconds. Yes, it can get very annoying, but it’s just something you have to deal with.

Our favorite spot in Medano Beach is Mango Deck. This place is a shit show and you’ll definitely drink a lot here. I mean, A LOT. We usually grab lounge chairs, order tons of margaritas, and stay here all day people watching.

Definitely come here in the later part of the day to see, first hand, the shit show that occurs at Mango Deck. What shit show am I talking about? Some examples include: beer chugging contest, pushup contests, wet t-shirt contests, wet boxer contests, and the list goes on and on. It’s a lot of fun and definitely worth visiting once (maybe even twice).

If you’ve been to Ibiza then you definitely need to check out Me Cabo’s Blue Marlin. It’s an Ibiza style beach club that puts on some killer parties.  I highly recommend getting a cabana/lounge chair, ordering drinks, and spending the day here listening to good music.

Make sure to check out their schedule online to see what days they throw their big parties.

adventures in the desert

My fiancé is a fan of anything fast and loud (me… not so much).  He has been a fan of the Baja 1000 for quite some time now, so naturally he decided to drag me out into the desert for some trophy truck racing.  It was pretty fun for the first 30 minutes; however, I was not prepared for the SERIOUSLY bumpy roads. I’m talking – your brain rattling inside your head- bumpy. The roads were so bumpy that we had to call it quits after 5 laps. Ouch.

If this activity is something you’re looking into doing while in Cabo then I HIGHLY recommend booking a full day or two day tour instead of the lap racing (what we purchased). It is more expensive; however, with the full day tour you get to take your trophy trucks out into the desert, and explore different towns and beaches. It’s MUCH more fun than driving around in a circle all day.

After we gave up on the track due to sore backs and my sore *ehem* girls, one of the instructors was kind enough to take us up to a view point near by where we enjoyed the beautiful Mexico coastline.

I’ve also heard that that ATV tours is another fun option if you want to get a little dirty in the desert. That’s next on our list of things to do in Cabo.


The main ‘downtown’ of Cabo San Lucas is made up of bars, clubs, some restaurants (on the casual side), and cheesy tourist shops. If you want to get a little rowdy and party then downtown Cabo is for you. Here you’ll find a plethora of  dive bars, rock bars, hookah bars, and night clubs all within walking distance of each other.  Fair warning: The crowd in Cabo is pretty young.  Truth be told, a lot of the bars were not really our scene… But that’s probably because I am an old woman now…   If you’re in your early 20’s, or if you just like to party like you’re still 21, you’ll love downtown Cabo.

El Squid Row is definitely a good time. So fun you’ll forget that you’re a responsible adult, and at some point in the night will wonder why in the hell you’re doing body shots off of a total stranger (no, this is not from personal experience).

Also come here if you’re into jello shots… like, REALLY into jello shots because you’ll end up having an entire meals worth at El Squid Row.

Cabo Wabo is the place to go if you want live rock music. The crowd here is the polar opposite of Squid Row. It’s definitely a lot older (majority of the crowd was 50+).  We had a fantastic time dancing, singing, and rocking out.

The Cape Hotel has an amazing rooftop lounge that is totally my scene!  A nice mix of people, good music, amazing drinks, and a very gorgeous space to hangout at. There is usually live music on the week days and a live DJ on the weekends.  You’ll find a slightly classier crowd here and no jello shots.

Fat Tuna was definitely our favorite spot in Cabo. After trying out different bars and clubs each night we would always ended up here. It’s a sushi restaurant ( we have not tried the actual restaurant yet) with a rooftop lounge/bar that plays deep house music. It’s a really cool vibe. The ambiance is on point. I definitely recommend this place over any other bars/clubs in Cabo.

Chips… Quac… and more Margaritas, please!

I can’t write about a vacation without writing about food. In fact, if I had it my way, that’s all I would write about.


This restaurant is a dream… a total dream. Just do yourself a favor, drop what you’re doing, and Google El Farallon.

I can wait…..

Did you see the location? I mean… COME ON.

You begin your culinary adventure at their champagne lounge bar.  Once you’ve had your fair share of champagne,  its time for dinner. The restaurant features a set menu.  Your waiter will usher you to the restaurants first cooking station where you select your entree (fresh fish, steak, lobster, scallops, etc.). Then you head over to a second station where you choose the sides that will accompany your meal.  From there, you are whisked back to your table which, mind you, is right on the edge of the cliff.  You continue your evening drinking champagne, eating your freshly prepared entree, and listening to the sound of waves crashing below you.


Cocina Del Mar is located at the Esperanza Resort and is another restaurant that oozes romance and boasts a serious ‘wow’ factor. Okay, I apologize.  Once again, drop what you’re doing and Google away.


Cabo, you’re KILLING me with these amazing restaurants.

Cocina Del Mar is worth booking for the views alone (I know, because we booked this as our wedding venue immediately after seeing the view). Your dinner table is located right on the cliff that jets out into the Sea of Cortez. You will enjoy your dinner under the stars where the only light comes from lanterns, candles, and the moon.


If you’re in search for some authentic Mexican head straight to Restaurante Los Tres Gallos. There are no champagne bars, or ocean views here, but the food is fucking incredible. Probably the best guacamole I’ve ever had, and the salsa is something to write home about. And the margaritas? Oh my God those margaritas! Everything on the menu is incredible.  I would know, I took the liberty of sampling everyone’s dish at our table. 


The office is located right next door to Mango Deck and has some AMAZING food  and their breakfast is definitely a highlight. It’s RIGHT on the beach so I’m talking toes in the sand and margarita in hand. Yes please! Be prepared for some seriously good Mexican food, strong drinks, and a lively atmosphere.


So I’ve actually never been here but I am DYING to check it out. It looks like a piece of organic heaven in the desert. The concept is farm to table (duh) but it’s also so much more! In addition to the restaurant (outdoor dining amidst an oasis of vegetables, flowers, and trees), there is also a farm bar that serves up healthy cocktails like carrot margaritas (which sound gross but EVERYONE raves about them), and an adorable grocery store selling their fresh produce.

And that ladies and gentlemen, are some of my recommendations in Cabo, Mexico!