Cropped Flair Jeans and How to Wear Them







Cropped flared jeans are having a serious moment right now in the fashion world. Thank God, because I was getting pretty tired of constantly wearing skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans. Give us something else!

Behold the slightly boho, slighly 90’s, and VERY fun cropped and flared denim.  They:

  • make skinny jeans look boring AF.
  • are your shoe’s best friend! The ankle length on this denim allows you to proudly show off your cute booties, sandals, and sneakers.
  • flatter your figure (you just need to play around to find the perfect style for your body type)
  • give you that bad ass street style without putting in much effort

I love this trend so much and I really hope it sticks around for some time. I do want to be honest with you.  It took me a while to figure out how to properly wear this look with my body type. Cropped jeans and ankle boots look amazing on long-legged gazelles with thin frames. For women who are not so blessed in the long leg department (ehem, me) and have a little bit more curves in all of the right places, pulling this look off is a tad bit harder to do.

Here are some of my tips to help you stay looking long and lean while wearing your new cropped and flared jeans:

Keep it High Waisted

If you’re only going to follow one rule when it comes to wearing cropped denim, this is it. A high waist is a MUST.  I repeat, a MUST if you’re going to wear cropped denim. High waisted jeans will immediately elongate your legs and help prevent you from looking stumpy and shorter than you really are.

Longer is better

If you’re worried about making your legs looking short, stick to a length that hits right above the ankle. This is considered the most flattering length for most people.  The shorter you go, the shorter your legs may look.

Tuck it in

This will show off your silhouette and keep you looking nice and slender. If you don’t want to tuck in your shirt all the way, a half tuck works well and is perfect for a more relaxed look. Crop tops in the spring and summer also look fantastic paired with cropped denim and will help keep you looking long and lean.

If you plan on wearing a longer coat or jacket make sure that your base layer is tucked into your jeans to maintain a steady flow from top to bottom.

Avoid baggy and long shirts or sweaters. You’ll end up looking like Humpty Dumpty, himself.

rock them with heels

You don’t have to wear 6 inch stilettos to give the illusion of long stems; a small block heel is enough to help elongate your legs.

Ankle boots (with a heel) are one of my favorite style of shoe to wear with this type of denim. I also love wearing sock boots. They are more form fitting than regular ankle boots and help  keep my legs looking slim and long.

Wearing nude colored boots or heels will also help lengthen your legs.  I wore my favorite Kendall+Kyle nude colored ankle boots with this look. These are hands down my favorite ankle boots to date.

The pointed toe, nude color, heel shape, and height are absolutely perfect! And the western vibe they give off is perfection. So cute for spring and how great would they be for Coachella?!?

I found a similar pair for you here and here.

the Bigger the Flare the skinnier the ankle

If you’re not blessed with skinny little ankles and are worried about looking like you have ‘kankles’ I recommend going with a slightly bigger flair or opening at the bottom. This will give the illusion of having smaller ankles. I Personally think that cropped denim looks much better on people with bigger ankles than rolled up skinny jeans which tend to make your ankles look bigger than they really are. How amazing is this pair?!?!

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