Simple Steps To Help You Drink More Water

We all know how important water is for us. We are, after all, 60% water. Without water…well, we’ll die. Not drinking enough water takes a SERIOUSLY toll on your body and mind. Trust me, I know!

Do you remember watching Little Mermaid as a child? Remember that part in the movie where Ursula turns all of the mermaids into shriveled up little polyps?

That’s how I feel right about now.

For the past month, when it comes to drinking H2O, I get a big fat F. 

Here’s what I’ve noticed when it comes to drinking water →  The more you drink, the more you want and crave it. The less you drink, the less you crave it, and by the time you’re feeling thirsty (which is a bad sign) your body is already showing signs of dehydration:


•Chapped lips

•Irregular bowl movements (TMI?)

•Random spouts of anger at your loved ones

•Feeling and looking like a dried up old prune

It’s important to avoid feeling THIRSTY. When you feel thirsty your body is actually crying out for help! We need to stay hydrated and keep our water tank constantly full. But sometimes, drinking that much water seems impossible. But, once you start

Say good bye to the days of dehydration with these easy to follow steps:

♥ Drink Responsibly 

Don’t drink alcohol. KIDDING. I love wine and a spicy margarita on the weekends is a must;  but It’s no secret that alcohol makes you dehydrated. What’s the solution? First, always drink a glass of water after each cup of booze you knock down. Second, sneak water into your adult beverages.  Order a vodka water and turn your white wine into a spritzer by adding soda water. Now you can have your cake and eat (or I guess in this case drink) it too…

♥ Wake Up With H2O

My mornings do not begin until I have coffee in my hand. It’s usually like a scene from the Walking Dead… me stumbling down the hall, my hair is usually a tangled mess, 9 out of 10 times I’m mumbling to myself, and my fiancé is hiding in the bedroom until I’ve had my first sip of coffee.

Now, however, I’ve trained myself to drink a giant glass of water first thing in the morning. What I’ve found is that a big cold glass of water (with lemon!) instantly wakes me up and gives me a mega boost of energy. Plus it just feeeeeels good and is super refreshing after a good nights rest.

♥ Clock It! 

How do I remember to drink water when I’m busy as hell?

Simple! Drink 2-3 glasses every hour on the hour. This is a sure fire way to get your recommended intake!  I programmed my alarm on my iPhone to go off every hour on the hour. Once that alarm ring, I drink 3 big cups even if I don’t necessarily feel like it. Remember, you never way to feel thirsty!

Make sure to be prepared by always having a water bottle on hand.  How cute are all of these ?!?!

♥ Eat Your Water

Make sure to snack on celery (95.4% water), watermelon (91.5% water), cucumbers (96.7%), strawberries (91%), tomatoes (94.5%), and broccoli and cauliflower (92.1% and 90.7%) through the day. It’s an easy way to sneak in more H2O into your diet, and you’ll be loading up on healthy, nutrient rich foods through out the day!

♥ Tea Please!

What about tea?

I’m a HUGE fan of tea. I’m Russian; and if you’ve ever been to Russia you know that Russians LOVE their teas. It’s a staple over there. You’ll never see a Russian ordering soda at restaurants; majority of the time they order hot tea with their meals.

I like to finish off every meal with mint tea. Mint tea is SO good for digestion;  it’s a great drink to have after you’ve finished your meal (of during if you prefer). I also have a cup or two of ‘healthy’ tea at night. You know, the teas that rarely taste good but are really good for you. My favorite are detox tea, ginger, or turmeric tea with lemon.

Drinking more tea will help you reach your water goal and as a bonus, you’ll receive all of the other awesome health benefits found in tea.

Can we just talk about the love that I have for this flamingo tea infuser ?!

♥ Jazz Up Your H2O

What if I hate the taste?

Try adding fresh fruit! I love adding lemon, watermelon and mint, or cucumbers and mint to my water. It’s so refreshing, tastes amazing, and if you close your eyes and drown out the sounds of your kids yelling, you can pretend that you’re actually at a lovely day spa.

You really don’t need to buy fancy infusers. I cut up fruit and throw it in a pitcher or my water bottles and I’m good to go. Simple and easy! But if you do want to buy yourself a cute infuser there are tons of awesome choices! 

How do you stay hydrated through out the day?