Dusters + White Boots + Grounding

Every morning you will find me standing in a robe, barefoot on the grass, drinking my coffee in silence. My neighbors probably think I’ve lost my mind. No phone, and no electronics; just me, my cup of coffee, and the cold and slightly damp grass below me.

I’m practicing grounding.


Grounding means to physically reconnect yourself to the Earth to receive its healing energy.

Think of the Earth as like a massive battery that is always transmitting energy. It charges all living things that are connected to it and yes, that includes us humans. You see, once upon a time we were in constant contact with Mother Earth. Over time we built barriers with sidewalks, roads, and those new fab Adidas shoes you just purchased.

We lost our connection.

Think about it… as children we were constantly running around barefoot, building sandcastles, and playing in dirt (even though mom said no). We were always in direct contact with the Earth.

When was the last time you walked around barefoot? I’m guessing that it was that one time you were on vacation and you took a stroll on the beach, right? The truth is, most of us have little to no direct contact with the Earth.

WHY is Grounding so Important?

Grounding has been known to help with pain, inflammation, poor sleep, anxiety, and stress. It also helps you feel more balanced and improve mental clarity.


So, the past week I’ve been practicing grounding every single morning. During this time I also practice mindful breathing and meditation.  I do feel a difference mentally. I feel way more grounded (ha!), reconnected and energized in the mornings and it’s definitely not from my morning cup of coffee!

Grounding is so simple; just go outside barefoot! Lay in the grass, go on a walk, swim in the ocean, hug a tree, whatever! The point is to have physical contact with the Earth for as much time as possible.

So, tomorrow morning when you wake up, instead of hopping on the computer to check emails or scrolling through instagram, head outside and take ten minutes to connect and recharge your body.

Moving on to some Fashion…


If you know me, then you know that when I find a new trend, I tend to go hog wild with it. My current love affair = dusters.

I’ve been living in dusters.

My wardrobe in the summer time consists of mainly tank tops and shorts and after a while I tend to feel like I’m wearing the same thing over and over again.  Put on a duster and voila! your outfit is instantly revamped.

Like, I’ve pretty much worn the same shorts (don’t judge) for three days in a row but no one would know because I camouflaged my laziness by throwing on a different duster each day.

This was my look a few days ago and without this fun red and white duster from Vici Dolls my outfit would be pretty fucking bland. My GF calls this my Christina Aguilera Candyman look. Ha! (You can find a similar dusters here and here ).

I also wore this amazing baby pink duster over a simple white dress to Catch in LA and it was both classy and sexy. You know how much I love layering a fun little jacket number over a simple bodycon dress as you can see here.

I’m sure you’ve all seen these Marc Fisher white boots all over Instagram. I saw them originally on Cara Loren and I HAD to have them.

I have a serious obsession with white shoes. White is just so chic and perfect for summer, don’t you agree? When I saw a WHITE boot I knew it was going to be a home run.

This is my favorite shoe purchase ever. I get compliments every single time I wear them. You can wear them up or slouched down for a totally different feel. Well done Marc Fisher.

I wore my favorite summer tank from Madewell underneath the duster. Which BTW, is the best casual tank top ever! I have this top in every color… no joke.

perfect fit + so may different colors!

The tops tend to run a bit big so I would size down. I am wearing a small.

The shorts are from One Teaspoon. They are the high waisted and slightly longer in the back which I love. A lot of One Teaspoon shorts are a little too cheeky for Utah. I bought a 26 although next time I’ll stick to my regular size 27.




Well, I’m off to work on our wedding website OUTSIDE on the GRASS for some extra grounding. 🙂  Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to run around barefoot!