Where to eat, play, and stay in MYKONOS

The F.O.M.O right now is SO REAL….

Summer travel is in full force, and as much as I love seeing all of the beautiful photos from all over the world, a small part of me wants to deactivate my Instagram until September.

Instead of taking such drastic measures, I’ve decided to help you guys out by putting together a little list of recommendations for anyone planning an end of summer trip to the beautiful Greek Island of Mykonos.


Ahhh, Mykonos…. You sexy thing you.

If I had to pick one destination to travel to each and every year it would most definitely be Mykonos. I honestly don’t even know where to begin….

•Should I start with the freshest most delectable Greek food I’ve ever had the privilege of eating?

•Or maybe we can begin with the amazing world renowned parties that last until sunrise?

•What about about the Greek fashion and amazing shopping?

•Or how about this island’s jaw dropping beauty?

Here’s the truth: Mykonos will steal your heart, and will leave you craving more.

Where To Stay

If you want esthetically pleasing hotels and villas that take your breathe away; buy a plane ticket to Mykonos, NOW. You’ll know what I’m talking about before you even land on Mykonos; just look out your window as you fly over the island and you will see bright white villas covering the island.

Mykonos has so many options when it comes to accommodations that it’s honestly impossible to choose! Everything is white, chic and perfect.

Anyway, you basically have two options when it comes to accommodations – a Hotel or Villa.

If you’re traveling with friends MOST DEFINITELY go for a villa. Don’t even get me started with the gorgeous villas that you can rent all over Mykonos.

View from our villa



Waking up every morning to this view was just a dream.







If a view like this doesn’t make you want to pack up your shit and move to Mykonos, then I’m done talking to you (kidding.. kind of).





For our most recent trip to Mykonos we chose a villa due to the fact that we were traveling with a large group of friends. If we were traveling alone, we would have stayed at either:

Bill and Coo, Cavo Tagoo, or the Santa Marina.

What do all three of these hotels have in common? Sexy pools with views for days; which in my opinion is a necessity when traveling to a resort destination.

There are tons of options for all budgets but if you want the crem de la crem stay at:

Bill and Coo Mykonos

This would have been our hotel of choice. Can you imagine relaxing here at night or taking a dip during the day? Pure Heaven!



Cavo Tagoo

We actually stayed here when we first visited Mykonos. We spent the day lounging around our own infinity pool, enjoying fresh fruit and cooling off with plenty of champagne.

Photo credit: www.seatmaestro.com

Santa Marina Hotel

We toured this hotel when we visited The Buddha Bar (located on the property) for dinner. All I can say is WOW! This is a must see hotel!

Photo Credit: Seat Maestro


Where To Eat

Food…Oh my God the food here is so good. Fresh caught fish drizzled with olive oil and lemon, home-made hummus, the best olive-oil you’ll ever taste, Gyros, Greek Coffee…I could go on and on.

My word of advice? EAT your way through Mykonos. And don’t worry about your waistline, the Mediterranean diet is considered one of the healthiest in the world…so eat up, buttercup!

Mykonos definitely gets five stars in the culinary department. Not only is the food incredible, the restaurants are equally as amazing. I am high maintenance, I want AMAZING food and an equally AMAZING atmosphere and ambiance.

Some of the most beautiful restaurants that I’ve ever been to are located in Greece and since I’m a bit of a restaurant snob, that’s saying a lot.


If you were to ask me to describe the most perfect place on Earth I would just say one word: SCORPIOS.

Scorpios is an experience for all of the senses.  I’m telling you, there’s something about this place that makes you feel like your on the best drugs on the planet. It’s fucking incredible.

And let me tell you, the decor is next level. Organic, boho, chic.

I want to live here.

It’s perched on a cliff so you enjoy endless sea views and jaw dropping sunsets while you dine and dance the day/night away. (They are famous for their Sunday Sunset Party)

One visit here and you’ll seriously consider selling your home and move here forever

Oh yes. Let’s not forget the food. It’s exactly what you would expect when you think of Mediterranean food. I mean… check. out. that. spread.

Hands down the best food we had in Greece… maybe even the world.


A hidden courtyard in Mykonos Town boasting perfectly curated food with a sexy, lively atmosphere. You’ll get lost about a million times trying to find this restaurant but once you find it, you’ll be happy you didn’t give up. Come here for the food and stay for the people watching and party! I honestly cant say what’s more beautiful, the people that come here or the restaurant itself.

Photo Credit: The Style Junkies

Buddha Bar Mykonos. 

If you’re looking for a change from all of that Mediterranean food you’ve been consuming, then Buddha Bar has you covered with a menu focusing on delicious oriental style dishes. Sashimi, sushi, and the most amazing Cod I’ve ever tasted in my life. The views are something else and decor is absolute perfection. Like most of Mykonos, this restaurant turns into a full on party with DJ and dancing into the night.

Little Venice.

Little Venice is the stretch of buildings in Mykonos Town that sit right on top of the water. We came here for breakfast each morning. There is nothing lavish here, but the food is good and the views are even better. Greek coffee with the water splashing right below your feet? Complete bliss.


A Restaurant + Posh beach club = Never leaving. This club… restaurant… lounge.. whatever you want to call it is so posh! You’ll dine in their restaurant or ask to dine on their patio where you’ll dine under a canopy of trees and flowers and bonus, you’ll get to have your toes in the sand!



Things To do


One thing is for sure…Mykonos is definitely known for it’s nightlife and wild party scene. You’ll find T-shirts hanging up all over town that read ‘Mykonos Fucks Ibiza’. In my honest opinion… Yes, yes it does. Why? Because the Greeks have been able to pack in so much variety on this small island that you’ll never get bored.

You can find anything from rock bars, gay bars, deep house clubs, sunset parties, day parties…the list goes on. No matter what type of nightlife you’re looking for, you can find it here.  I promise.

Scorpios’ Sunday Sunset Party

Beaches and day clubs.

Just like the nightlife in Mykonos you can find anything and everything when it comes to day parties: Vegas style day parties in some of the most beautify coves and beaches in Mykonos or more laid back beaches perfect for the whole family. With so many options you can literally spend a week checking out new beaches and still run out of time.



Cavo Paradiso.

Just go bar hop in Mykonos Town … you’ll find TONS of fun spots to hangout in. Basically, it’s like a giant party in the streets (if you can call them that) of Mykonos on the weekends and during the high season of July and August. You’ll find people everywhere drinking, hanging out, and enjoying life.

Visiting Mykonos Town.

Getting lost and wandering through the winding cobble stone street is the best way to explore Mykonos Town.  You will get lost. You will find hidden gems. You will backtrack more than once. And you will fall in love with this little town over and over again. No questions asked.

Here you will find everything from posh restaurants like Hakkasan and Intirni to small local cafes serving up traditional Greek food.

Designer boutiques like Chanel and Dior, and small family owned shops selling local clothing and souvenirs. I recommend checking out the local clothing stores because you will find some AMAZING clothes that you will not be able to find anywhere else. We died and went to shopping heaven in Mykonos.

Upscale lounges, mega-clubs with international DJs, dive bars, and gay bars where you can dance until the sun comes up. We found something new and exciting each and every night we were in Mykonos.

Don’t forget to visit the famous Windmills of Mykonos and keep your eye out for their resident Pelican! Despite the small size, Mykonos Town is able to offer something to everyone.


Rent a Scooter.

The best way to see Mykonos is by scooter or ATV! How fun, right?! Rent a scooter or ATV (you can find rentals all over the island) and get out and explore. You’ll discover hidden coves, secluded beaches, local restaurants, and unimaginable views. It’s honestly the BEST way to see all of Mykonos.

Charter a Boat.

you want to get away from the crowds for a day I highly recommend chartering a boat (preferably over night) and visiting some of the neighboring islands.


You’ll be able to experience what real Greece is like; away from the beach clubs and 5 Star Resorts.

This was probably one of our most memorable parts of our trip. I just have to share some of the highlights because it was just so incredibly special:

Antiparos Island and Capitan Pipinos.

Every time I mention a restaurant I start with “The most delicious food” but its true! I didn’t find a single bad restaurant while we were there! Capitan Pipinos was no exception. We were told that Leonardo DiCaprio is a frequent visitor and that Tom Hanks once chartered a RIB by himself and tried to find this island but ended up getting lost. The coast guard had to rescue him. (Ha!) This is a MUST do if you charter a boat for the day.

Pano Koufonisi

Let me tell you, this place is off the beaten path and not that many people know about it, which is exactly what we wanted. We swam in the most tranquil bay and ate again (why not) at a family owned restaurant called Kalofego. We even met ‘Grandma’, the star chef, who was kind enough to take a photo of us.


A charming little island which embodies true Greece. It’s the complete opposite of Mykonos which makes it a perfect place to go if you want to get away from all of the crowds. You can come by boat, or hop on one of the ferries. I recommend spending a night here and exploring the town.


We finished the night off on the island of Paros where we ate a gorgeous restaurant called Barbarossa. We ate our weight in food and sipped on Greek wine while watching the sun set behind the horizon.

… “Is this real life?!”

The best word to describe this little Island in the Adriatic Sea is Magical. Mykonos and Greece will forever have my heart, and yours too.















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