Fun and Creative Valentine’s Day Activities To Try This Year


I’m finally back from a month long trip to Moscow and I feel like I have forgotten basic English so forgive me if I end up writing some words in Russian!

I’m trying to get back into the swing of things and the first thing on my plate (after completing a pile of never ending laundry) is to get ready for Valentine’s Day! I’m usually way more prepared, but since I’ve been gone, I haven’t had a chance to finalize my plans.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that people either adore or completely despise.  I’m one of those people that has always loved Valentine’s Day. My love for it goes as far back as elementary school where I would start designing my valentines day box months in advance.  Mine was usually overly extravagant, full of bows and lots of glitter. It was  also taller than me 99% of the time.

To this day, I adore this holiday.  I love coming up with creative and thoughtful gifts and fun date night activities. For me, its an extra day to show my fiancé how much he truly  means to me. Yes, you should ALWAYS show your significant others how much you love them every day and not just on a “Hallmark Holiday”.  But let’s be honest, we can’t really gift chocolates, giant stuffed teddy bears, and roses every single day of the year.  Chocolates ever day? No thanks, I need to fit into my skinny jeans.

For me, Valentine’s Day is a day to go above and beyond and show extra love and appreciation for my love.

I don’t really like doing the typical romantic dinner at a upscale restaurant. Snooze. We have dinner date nights often so it’s not something new and exciting. For me, it’s all about doing something different and memorable!

Since I’ve been gone for the past month in Russia, I decided that it would be nice to spend some real quality time together. I wanted to get away from the crowd of love birds and really focus on being together.  I decided it would be fun to stay home, put on our aprons and cook a romantic dinner, together. Now, I am by no means a chef (I can barely cook chicken), so to avoid a major cooking catastrophe I ordered a meal kit that will be delivered on the 14th.

I ordered my kit from (I believe the delivery deadline for V-Day is today!), but there are tons of different meal kit services to choose from such as Hello Fresh, Green Chef, and Plated, to name a few. I chose Chefd because it allowed me to order just one meal instead of a weekly plan.  If I don’t burn the house down,  I may consider subscribing to a weekly service so we can have one night a week where we spend some quality time cooking together.

I’m planning on playing some love hits from the 90’s, pouring a little red wine, and spending the night cooking together. I love that it’s a hands on activity where we can truly engage with one another. I’m sure there will be plenty of spills and lots of laughs. I can’t wait!

Here are some of my favorite ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day that go beyond the typical dinner and a movie:

♥ A cooking class

♥ Moonlight snowshoeing or hiking

♥ Mini weekend getaway (There are LOTS of V-day Hotel Specials available!)

♥ Couples massage and spa day

♥ Picnic in the park or at the beach. You can make it a day by riding bikes, flying kites, etc.

♥ Paint and Wine night

♥ Theater or a concert

♥ Blind Date with your hubby at a bar (This one’s a lot of fun. You can get into character and pretend like you’ve just met!)

♥ Hit the slopes

♥ Take a dance class together

♥ Ice Skating or roller skating

♥ Create a scavenger hunt in the city for your significant other

♥ Try a new hobby together

♥ Grab some wine and a blanket, drive away from the city lights, and star gaze

♥ Go Camping or Glamping

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day full of love. Leave a comment below and tell me how  you are planning on celebrating! xo.