The Fuzzy Sweater I’ve Been Living In All Winter

Sweater: Lulus »» Jeans: Bebe »» Shoes: Valentino 

The coziest, softest, and cutest fuzzy sweater is back in stock on! I would hurry over there because they sold out of it pretty quickly the last time.  Did I mention how soft it was? You wont want to take it off. I’ve lived in it for three days straight, no joke. What I love most about it is the cute open back which gives it a flirty sexy feel. It’s like the perfect mix of fuzzy bear and sexy. I’m not sure if that really goes hand in hand but hopefully you get the picture…

Anyway, I receive so many compliments whenever I wear it and I was so sad when it originally sold out. I didn’t want to tempt you guys with such a cute sweater only to end the post with “Oh wait, it’s no longer available”. So, I waited… and waited…and Lulus finally answered my prayers and restocked it for you. You’re welcome.

I’ve also included some super cute and overly fuzzy options for you, just in case this sweater sells out again. (And it most likely will).