Back to Nature with Kiehl’s: Four Masks You Have To Try This Winter

I’m sure most of us are currently experiencing serious chocolate and sugar withdrawals now that the holidays have ended and we are all back on the healthy train.  I’ve definitely been more irritable and I have been craving cookies like no other! I am staying strong, sticking to whole foods, and upping my veggie intake by tenfold.

I’ve also decided to introduce more plant-based skin products into my skincare routine.

Our skin is the biggest organ in our body; and as my esthetician/friend always tells me, “Whatever you put on your face, you should be able to eat!” Don’t get me wrong; I am all about chemical peels, Retinol, Botox, etc. and I am not about to cut these out of my life. I do think, however, that sometimes we may go a little over board with all of these treatments, cream, serums, lasers, etc. etc.

Our skin need a little break sometimes. Since I’m focusing on incorporating more whole foods into my diet, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give my skin some whole-food lovin’.

I was gifted this cute little mask set from Kiehl’s for Christmas and I instantly fell in love. First, it came in the cutest Mikey Mouse packaging. I have a big spot in my heart for all things Mikey Mouse. Second, the ingredients in these masks immediately caught my eye→ tumeric, chamomile, cilantro, cranberry…. all of nature’s finest!

We have a Keihl’s here in SLC, and I’ve walked by the store probably over a hundreds times without venturing in to see what goodies lie inside. I’ve clearly been missing out!

I have sampled all four masks, and I am extremely pleased with all of them. Obviously I can’t comment on long term results, yet, but I can say that my face instantly felt hydrated, soft, clean, and healthy after using each mask.  What I love most is knowing that most of the products are natural and oh-so-good for you!

The masks are designed to minimize pores, detox, hydrate, soothe, and exfoliate for healthy-looking, radiant skin in minutes. The set costs $49  $36 for all four. They are pretty decent in size; I bet you could use each mask at least five times before running out. (Maybe more if you don’t over indulge.)

Rare Deep Pore Cleansing Masque $16-$30

  • Formulated with Amazonian White Clay to gently draw out oil, dirt and toxins that clog pores
  • The addition of Oatmeal and Aloe Vera helps to soothe

This mask is great for sucking up all the yucky build up that can be found on your face over time. Make sure to REALLY moisturize after using this mask as it does tend to dry out your skin a bit. I recommend using it only once a week during the winter months to prevent your skin from drying out too much.

Turmeric & Cranberry Masque $32-$39

  • This facial mask instantly brightens dull, fatigued skin and restores skin’s healthy, rosy appearance over time.
  • Formulated with Cranberry Extract, an antioxidant packed superberry rich in resveratrol and anti-inflammatory Turmeric Extract, this unique mask also contains micronized Cranberry seeds that can be used to gently exfoliate the skin while washing the mask off after use.

Okay, this mask leaves your face as soft as a new born baby’s bum. I was in utter shock at how soft my face was after I washed off the mask so I immediately made my fiancé touch my face about a zillion times! (This is standard whenever I use a hair/face mask).  He told me I was annoying, but that night I caught him using the mask himself. Aha!  I’m also a HUGE fan of turmeric and all of it’s amazing health benefits so I knew this mask was going to be a winner. 

Cilantro & Orange-Extract $32-$39

  • This protective facial mask defends and replenishes skin to help reduce the visible effects of pollution.
  • Formulated with Cilantro and Orange Extract, our treatment mask helps skin feel strengthened against environmental aggressors while helping to prevent impurities from adhering to skin. With continued use, dull, unhealthy looking skin is renewed, radiant and protected.

I LOVE this one, especially during the winter when the air quality in Utah is horrific. It tingles when you first put it on so you know it’s working. The smell is strong, and kind of feels like you’re dunking your head into a green salad but I didn’t mind it at all; I frankly love the smell of cilantro. 

Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration $45

  • This lightweight gel mask, formulated with hand-picked Calendula flower petals and Aloe Vera, bursts into a refreshing surge of cooling hydration upon application to instantly achieve hydrated and soothed skin. With continued use, skin is revitalized for a healthy-looking complexion.

This mask is amazing for hydration! I like to put a thin layer all over my face and actually sleep in it. I wake up with soft and plump skin. The aloe vera is also very cooling and feels super refreshing.  This one is amazing during the harsh and dry winters.

Masks are kind of hit or miss for me and often times I don’t really like them. This cute set from Kiehl’s really impressed me. I am definitely going to purchase the full size options once I run out!