I never thought I would say this, but WHERE IN THE HELL IS THE SNOW, UTAH!?! There’s something so magical about waking up and opening up your curtains to a winter wonderland, especially during the Christmas season.  Children Building Snowmen in their front yards, sledding with the family, random snowball fights with the hubby (sorry about last year ♥), and evenings sipping hot coco by the fire while the snow gently falls.

Doesn’t this just sound like HEAVEN? Just writing about it makes me want to jump up from my computer and blast Michaels Bublé’s Christmas album through out my entire home on repeat.

One particular song on repeat…

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas”

Me too Michael, me too.

I’ve been down in the dumps lately which is NOT like me at all. I don’t ever get seasonal depression. In fact,  I’m usually the crazy person listening to Christmas music in the car,  who spends her evenings baking Christmas treats, dressing her dog up as Rudolph, and eagerly running to the crowded mall to go Christmas shopping.

Not this year.

I’m honestly blaming it on the weather.

Now, I know some of you do not get a white Christmas, but when you live in Utah, you CRAVE it and pretty much EXPECT a white Christmas every year. Utah without snow is miserable. Its cold. There’s inversion. And it’s ugly.

It is now December 14th, and we’ve had maybe a light sprinkle of snow. Just enough to tease us. And sadly enough, the forecast doesn’t show any signs of the white stuff coming anytime soon. Mother Nature, I am begging you to dump some on us SOON because I NEED to get into the Christmas spirit! If not, I’m packing up, and heading off to Miami, or somewhere where I wont miss the snow.

The ONLY plus side to our snowless December is that I can wear all of my cute knit coats and sneakers while Christmas shopping!  Before I continue, I have to go on a small rant… can someone please tell me why we don’t have coat check at malls yet? Is this a thing? It needs to be…

I hate trying to juggling clothes, shopping bags, my purse, and my giant ass puffy coat while shopping. It never ends well for me. I’ve run into walls, knocked things off their shelves, and ran people over because I couldn’t see them behind the giant pile of STUFF in my hands. I’m a walking hazard.  Sometimes I’ll get so fed up that I’ll end up wearing my coat and sweating to death while standing in the never ending shopping lines.  Ahhh.. aren’t the holidays so much fun!?!?


Alright, back on track with sweater coats.  It’s like a sweater/coat hybrid that is perfect for days that are cold, but not cold enough for a full winter coat. They will keep you warm outdoors and can still be worn indoors without suffocating you! You can wear virtually anything under neath them; from a plain T, to a turtle neck, or even a dress.

I found this beautiful light grey jacket at Stradivarius and instantly fell in love. It is classy, warm, and can be dressed up or down.  I was running errands the other day and I threw this jacket on over my go-to white jeans from TopShop and a simple white t-shirt. I was cozy, comfy, not too hot, and not too cold.   I added the cutest slip on sneakers also from Stradivarius. You can find a similar pair here and here. I added a plaid pastel pink blanket scarf just in case it got a little chillier through out the day.

On a side note…I LOVE wearing white in the winter time; but, I’ll save my favorite ways to wear white for another post…

Topshop US

Shop my sweater coat picks here:

I’m off to do some more Christmas shopping. Have a lovely day!






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