Four Swimsuit Trends You Have To Wear This Summer

I was about two minutes into my wall squats when I began to loudly voice my disapproval for our leg day workout.

“Are you trying to kill us?”

My trainer walked over, smiled, and kindly reminded us that we are two months away from swimsuit season.

“Fine… Add on another minute.”

Summer is just around the corner, and before you know it you’ll be poolside with your girlfriends, drinking rosé and basking in the glorious sunshine. So while we patiently (more like impatiently) wait for summer to arrive, I suggest we take inventory of our swimsuits and stock up on this seasons hottest trends!

Polka Dots

Photo Credit: Pinterest
Photo Credit: Pinterest

“She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini”. I remember begging and pleading with my mom to buy me a yellow, polka dot bikini for my birthday one year. I emphasized the word TINY and BIKINI. What I ended up with was a pink polka dot one piece with a ruffled skirt. Not quite what I asked for, but it would do. I mean, I was only ten.

Polka dots are everywhere this spring, so naturally they are spilling over into swimwear for summer.  So retro and so fun! 

High waisted

Photo Credit: Pinterest
Photo Credit: Pinterest

I am so glad the high waist trend is still here! High waisted bikinis are flattering on every body type. It’s the perfect swimsuit to wear on vacation when you’ve indulged in endless amounts of margaritas and one too many tacos (hello instant tummy tuck!).

High Cut bottom Swimsuits

Photo Credit: Pinterest
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Oh Pamela and Baywatch! This trend started last year and I think it’s going to be even bigger in 2018.  I love it because it makes your legs look longer than ever and gives you just the right amount of sexy.

suspenders, belts, and strapPy harnesses

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:

Let’s just say that I am totally ‘extra’ when it comes to swimsuits so this trend is definitely for me!  Suspenders and harnesses ? Yes PLEASE. There’s no denying it. This trend just oozes sex appeal.

What trends are you excited to try out this year?



  1. Lex Fletcher wrote:

    I’m gonna go out and get me some polka dotted board shorts because of this post!

    Posted 7.3.18

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